Top 20 Free Websites for Making QR Codes

There are QR Code generators out there that you can use for free. This is something that allows you to make the QR Code that you need for your business, blog, or website. You can gain more attention to these things just by allowing people to visit the information about it and take a view for themselves. This is one of the best ways to advertise, and probably one of the newest advertising ways out there. Knowing that you have all of this power to create your own QR Code then why wouldn't you in the end? Find out all of the wonderful, and top rated websites out there for creating your own QR Codes for your business, blog, or website.

#20: Jaxo

You can upload background graphic images to your code, and you can also make it different colors. This is definitely a website and generator that you can become pretty creative with when making your QR code.

#19: Online QR Code Generator

This is one of the easiest generators to use out there. Not only can you provide yourself with what you need when it comes to making a code, but you can encode just about anything into the code with this generator.

#18: Invx

It can create a QR code and a Datamatric Code simultaneously of your choice. This is a detailed website with an easy to use generator.

#17: QR Blaster

This is a fun way to create a QR code. There is a lot of choices for customization, and allows the user to make the perfect code for any need. They are easy to use, and you can put all of your information in to be embedded right into the code.

#16: QR Rage

This is a popular QR code generator. You can choose borders and color themes for your codes, and it is extremely easy to use and navigate through the website to make your code. Customize it how you would like it today.

#15: Go QR

This QR Code generator is the most used, and probably one of the favorites out there because they are easy to use and get the job done. You can put your code to any size that you would like it to be so it fits perfectly on your advertisements, business cards, and social media sites. You can create QR codes with text, a link, SMS, phone number, or vCards for business cards.

#14: QR Stuff

This is a well known QR code generating website. The sky is the limit when it comes to using this generator because of everything that you can put on your QR code. This is something that provides the user with so many options. You can leave it open, choose to put a landing page, url, vCard, phone number, SMS, text, and much, much more depending on your needs.

#13: Keremerkan

Not only can this generator generate QR codes, but it can also generate aztec codes, micro QR codes, and data matrix. They have all of the other options for putting extras behind the codes, such as links, numbers, SMS, vCards, but they also are able to add other things such as vCalendars and Google or Bing Maps.

#12: Zxing Project

This is another high tech QR code generator that can be used. It can hold a lot of different information. This means contact information, url, email, phone number, SMS, GEO location, calendar, and WiFi network. These are all great options for a QR code.

#11: BeQRious

BeQRious is one QR code generator that a lot of people do not know about, but they offer so much when it comes down to it. They offer every extra that you can get when it comes down to your QR code. This one however, allows you to add images if you wish as well. You can put your logo right onto your barcode if you wish.

#10: Delivr

They provide the most when it comes to making a QR code of your own, and being able to put it around and advertise with it. This is because you can customize your QR code, and make the most out of it in order to gain the interest of people that might like to scan it. They also provide their users with RSS feeds for their codes.

#9: Azonmedia

You can change the quality of the QR code, and make it look more flashy by adding colors to it. You can embed the code from the website right to the point of advertisement if you choose, or you can save it right on your computer. This is definitely worth a look.

#8: Maestro

You can convert all types of information by using this generator to a QR code. This is something that you have to think about when the time comes, and what type of information you want to put behind your code. This is definitely the website to make the QR code at for this.

#7: The Online QR Lab

You can transfer these types of information into the QR code: SMS, email, text, contact, call, and location. Change the encoding and size of the code as well through this generator.

#6: Mobile – Barcodes

Mobile Barcodes are not well known, but they still generate barcodes just the same. They can encode phone numbers, urls, vcards, text, sms, and emails. You can then email the code to yourself, or straight to your blog right from the generator website.

#5: QR Maker

This generator is simple, but it gets the job done and it is super easy to use which is a plus if you're new to QR code generators. Not only will you be able to make your code, but you can then save it right to your computer, and use it wherever you would like. They also have a German version.

#4: Tagginn

You do need an account for this generator, but it is free to generate with, and the reason for the account is because you can track your code as well. This is something that is great when you want to get more out of the code without having to track it yourself. You can sign in, and go.

#3: Kaywa

Kaywa is highly recommended by users who have marketed with their codes. They are easy to use, and offer four code types that include: text, url, SMS, and phone numbers. They have the makers choose their preferred size as well.


This is rated as one of the highest code generators because they offer a free API, and it is extremely easy to use. This is definitely something that a user should look into when it comes to using the QR codes for marketing.

#1: Mobilefish

Mobilefish is one of the most advanced QR code generators out there. They offer a lot of options for creating your own QR code, and you can be sure to get the best results out of the generator. Rated number one by people, businesses, and large corporations.