Growing Your Business Using QR Codes

– Understanding the Process

Learning what QR codes are, and how they can help your business might be essential for the growth and survival of your business. This is always something that might save you in the end when you look back and say that you are glad you used QR codes in the end since you reached a larger audience. QR codes can do a lot for a business, and now you can find out how.

QR codes are also known as Quick Response codes. They are 2 D, and they are steadily growing and being widely used as the year moves ahead. A lot of the consumers out there want to have immediate access to anything that is relevant to the business, product, or service that is being offered that they are perhaps interested in.

Learning More About QR Codes

QR codes are very similar to normal barcodes that are used on every product that stores sell. The only difference is that they can link you to so much more than the product number, inventory information, and price of the item. QR codes can hold so much more data than the others. They can hold thousands of characters to link consumers to as much information as the business puts into them. Regular barcodes can only hold 20 digits. Since they are able to hold as much information as they can a lot of small businesses use them for their marketing needs. When the code is scanned, the consumer is then directed to a website, social website, or to make a call to the business all while getting the businesses contact information. Having these types of codes is not only helpful to the consumer, but also to the businesses that use them. QR codes originated in Japan, and since they do not enforce their patent rights, a lot of other businesses are able to use them for their products and services. MS tags are much like QR codes and are used in software created by Microsoft. MS tags can only be ready by the Microsoft Tag Reader however, unlike QR codes that can be read by Smartphones.

How QR Codes Work and What They are Used for

There are a lot of websites and programs that can be used to generate QR codes. Every one of these generators can create the codes for free. Depending on what you want on your code, and what information you want embedded into it, you might like one generator over another. The scanners that you can download to your phone allow you to transmit the information that you get from the code to the phone just by taking the picture. These apps are free to download right from the marketplace on your specific phone.

The Applications Out There for Your Smartphone

Before your business can be marketed, you should be familiar with the applications available for QR codes. This is because these are needed in order to scan the codes. There is not a limit when the time comes to share the codes with other people that might be interested in learning more about what is encoded within them. There is a lot of information that can be shared through one of these codes, even a whole e-book. Sharing the QR codes with other people, and allowing them to scan them will provide you with a whole community that can scan and understand your code. A LIKE button can also be provided on the QR code to link people to your Facebook page which also gives you a larger social network for your business. This can all be done by putting one link on a code. You need to put a call of action to the code as well to interest people to scan the code and allow them to learn more about your business and what you have to provide them with. You should think about what you are trying to accomplish with the code and your company? If you encourage sharing of the QR code then you can ultimately build your traffic at the same time. This means you can actually SEO the code, and get more people interested. You should show social proof of your code and your business by building this through analytic means. This is because you can gain as much information as possible, as well as gaining more followers.

Understanding all of this information beforehand can provide you with enough knowledge to market your business and get more followers to go with what you have to provide you with. If you do not have a business, but you want to market your website or blog, you can use QR codes for this as well, and use the same tactics. Just make sure you fully understand the concept of these types of codes, and you will find you have a larger audience in the end.