FAQ on QR Codes

There are so many questions out there that are circulating around QR codes. This is something that a lot of people have to look into. You want to make sure you have your questions answered, and that you're able to make the most out of your decision to use these codes to promote your business. Being able to get the most out of the codes is the best for your business, and now you can find out as much as possible about these codes in the end.

There is also more information about QR codes, on this QR code FAQ for supplemental information.

What exactly are QR codes?

QR codes are basically like an intricate barcode. Smartphones are able to read these barcodes when scanned with the camera. The Smartphone is then able to do the functions that the code wants it to do. They are the bridge that connects the real world to the digital world in a sense. They can allow consumers to interact with the product or business on a personal level.

Where do they originate from?

QR codes originate from Japan. They are throughout the entire country, and they were created by a sub-business from Toyota. They were originally used to track parts and pieces in a vehicle. They can now be used on a much broader scale for different things.

How are QR codes able to help my business?

This is definitely one of the most unique ways to market your business. Not only will it grab attention when it is needed, but it can also be spread through word of mouth of those that have seen and visited it. It is one of the best ways to get the word about your business out there, and it brings a while new meaning to adveritising compared to print. You can show people a deeper message than what you can show through print when using QR codes.

Why are these codes so important?

In this new way, businesses are able to connect and interact with their customers. It is a more convient, eye catching way that can save time while adveritising, and it also puts a little fun into it as well. There is also the factor that it is probably one of the coolest things out there for adveritising. Since technology is advancing, so are a lot of companies with the way they do things, and QR codes are definitely a wave of the future.

What are the costs of a QR code?

QR codes are always free. Yes, that is right. You will never have to pay for a QR code to be generated. This is something that is good for any type of business out there.

How do they work exactly?

Once the QR code is spotted, it can then be scanned with the person's smartphone. Smartphones are normally already on top of things when it comes to scanning QR codes. Of course, for those Smartphones that do not already have the scanning app, it can be downloaded from the marketplace. This links the viewers to the information on the code.

Can I Customize My Own QR Code?

Yes, you can add your own logo, color, and so much more. Some generators offer this service to you free of charge right on their website. If they do not, you can also make the changes yourself through Paintshop. You might not have a lot of room to customize without changing the link, but you can do some changes.

How Can I Create a QR Code, and Can I Track it?

Since QR codes are open, and anyone is able to make and use them; there are a number of websites to look into in order to create your own QR code. These services are free to use, and are not hard to use either. You make them, and then save them right to your computer where you can add them to websites, social pages, or print them out to advertise with. You can use a bunch of different apps to track your code with, and choose to use a creator that allows you to make an account with them, and check back to see the traffic to your code.

What Can the Codes be Used For?

There are 9 different data types that QR codes can support when they are creatd. They can hold contact information, events on a calendar, emails, phone numbers, geo locations, plain text, SMS, links, and a wifi network key. Depending on what generator you choose to use, you may be limited in the number of things the QR code supports.

What Types of Data Can I Add to the Codes?

QR codes can be used for a number of different things. You can adveritise and market with the codes, no matter what you're business is. You can get more followers to your blog or cause by using these codes as well. You can also become creative, and use them for so many other reasons.