QR Codes in Education

You might not think that QR codes can be used in anything but advertising, but this is not true. There are a lot of other ways that these codes can be implemented. The very first thing they were used for was not for marketing. It was actually used for tracking parts for vehicles. So this just goes to show you that they can be used for a wide range of things. One of these things being education. You might ask how, or why they are used, but they are. Learn more about it below.

QR codes can be used in the classroom setting in a bunch of different ways. Check out the interesting ways that people have used them so far:

To tell a story or a lecture: these are great times when you can put your tid bits of information on a code, and let your students scan and take home the lecture and the notes right on their phone. They can then upload the information into their computers and even print out study points, questions, and anything else that the teacher decides to place on the code. This is definitely a new way of communication and teaching, but it seems to have positive effects.

To submit an assignment or project: a lot of students are now showing more than ever their eagerness to put technology into their work and use it to make their projects more enhanced and exciting. This is why a lot of students are turning towards QR codes. They can add animations, interesting facts, and so much more for their fellow students to upload and go with.

All of these things do not stop here. A lot of teachers and professors can make their lectures and lessons more fun for the students by adding QR codes. A lot of students now have Smartphones of their own, and they are fascinated by all that they can do. When a teacher adds technology to the plate, more students are apt to pay attention since they are able to watch the information grow on the screens of their phones. At least this will keep their fingers from texting their friends since the lecture is going on right on their phone.

A lot of schools find this type of learning beneficial. Students that are excited, intrigued, and interested in what the lesson is and what they have to do for it are more likely to succeed. Although, there is a problem that arises for those students that cannot afford to get a Smartphone. They are still working the kinks out of that one. This is because not everyone is going to be able to have one, and if the lessons are all based on the codes, than a lot of the students are not going to be able to get the lessons and learn them.

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