10 Most Creative Uses for QR Codes in Marketing

Magazines and newspapers started putting their MySpace and Facebook URLs inside the pages, but now they have replaced those URLs with QR codes. This is something that you might see more and more often. QR codes can be found everywhere now, from movie posters to business cards and everything in between. Although they might not pack as much power as you might think, and it is yet to be determined on how much they are being used, you might still benefit from coming up with a creative way to use them to promote your small business. Marketing can be easier when you choose to use these QR codes.

First things first. You need to know what a QR code actually is, and what type of information it contains. It is a 2D barcode that is used by many different businesses and companies. It can be scanned using a Smartphone and transfer the information from the code to the Smartphone in an instant. When scanning the code, the user is then directed to information about the company or business and a website that they own. It can also make a phone call directly to the company or business or deliver a vCard for you and so much more depending on what the company wants to use the QR codes for.

Marketing Your Small Business Using QR Codes

QR codes are the biggest and best in Japan, and pretty new when it comes to America. A lot of people might not have a Smartphone in order to use the codes, or they might not know what they are when they see them while out in public places. Those people that have Smartphones might not have the app installed that lets them scan the codes as well. This limits the impact that QR codes have on the general public and how they are used. Those advertisements and fliers that provide these codes have to explain how to use them, what they are used for, and where the user will be taken too when they scan them. Since a lot of people need the explanation, or might not have the phone or the app to use them, you want to think about whether or not you should use them for your business. If you find that perhaps it might bring a boost to your audience, there are creative ways for you to use QR codes in your marketing strategy.

  1. When putting a QR code on a business card, you want to make sure that you do not overload it. This is because you need to ensure that the customers and clients are not overloaded with information right away. Put the bare essentials to getting a hold of you, your business, and what you can do for them and then put a link to go to your Social Network, website, or other web page about your company or business.

  2. Scavenger hunts on QR codes are probably the best way to go about engaging people and giving them a fun way to visit websites that they might not actually visit without the fun and excitement of a scavenger hunt.

  3. Put your QR code on labels. If they are labels then the customers are more likely to scan them to find out what the code has behind it. This can all be done right before they leave the store, and perhaps when they get your item and gives them more to look at when it comes to working with you again.

  4. Put a QR sticker right to your laptop or other item that others can see while you're out in public. This gives them something to scan when they are by you, and then they can check out your business. This is definitely easy marketing.

  5. Print up lots of T shirts and put the code on them, and then have all of your friends and family where them around in public to gain more attention. Not only does this get your code out there, but it also gives you more help reaching more places than just where you live. Put different writing on each of the shirts to get more people interested in scanning them.

  6. Place e-commerce on your code to get more purchases at your store. The code can link them directly to a website that allows them to search through your store, and buy things right from their phone if they choose too. This increases your e-commerce sales.

  7. Create promotions, discounts, and even giveaways that are from your company or business that are business and QR code specific. These can be posted on items or at your store, or anywhere else that you can think to post the codes at. You can even allow your customers to share the discounts and promotions with their friends and families by allowing them to refer the code to them through the code itself.

  8. Add a little creativity and funk to your QR code. You can add an image to the code, put your logo in it or anything that goes with your website. This is something that allows it to be more eye popping and attention grabbing. You can use a Paint or Photoshop program to add it without having to alter the information that is embedded in the code. Always make sure to check to make sure the code works before putting it out there.

  9. Build an emailing list. You can put an email sign up page on your QR code to allow people to sign up for email from your business . This will give you more viewers, and also allow you to get more feedback about your business. You have to give everyone a reason, a good reason on why they should sign up for your mailing list. This only compels them to sign up for your mailing list.

  10. Get followers and likes to your pages by using your QR code to do so. This allows you to put like buttons on your code, or link them directly to your Twitter for them to follow. You can create a long term relationship with everyone that you get to follow you by using the QR code. The links that are put into the code are usually to the Facebook web page instead of the mobile app. This might be a little much for someone that doesn't want to take the extra steps to sign into the website and like the page all from their phone.

    There are many different ways that people can connect to your business, and you can give them creative ways to do so as well. These codes can provide valuable and informative information to those that are interested in learning more about your business and what you can provide them with. You can include a number of things on the code such as pictures, reviews, event dates, directions to your establishment, times, and contact info as well as much, much more. You should leave some sort of surprise when it comes to finding out more about your business. They shouldn't learn everything about your business when they scan the link. This allows them to have the element of surprise.